nsa observation station / teufelsberg

DSC_3174one of the domes on top of the main building of the former nsa observation station located on top of teufelberg in berlin
DSC_3145parts of the super-structure
DSC_3184the tower built on top of the main building
DSC_3143this is how the domes look like inside
DSC_3186i found this face on the way up the tower
DSC_3160this picture has been painted inside the dome on top of the tower – reminds me of jesus paintings…
DSC_3177the “fuck yeah” gang – like the installation has been used by the us in the past, it is now used for anti-us paintings… a funny series of pictures
DSC_3146a stencil of ghandi
DSC_3125the following pictures have been shot in the main building, which is used as a (street)art gallery now

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